How can you count yourself in, move from chance to choice, and create out of the ordinary, a remarkable life?

How does it happen by choice! With a PhD and two masters degrees from Stanford, a BSc. from Swansea, a teaching certificate from University of London, and an assortment of coaching diplomas, Lesley is well qualified to respond.

Together with her husband David, Lesley has successfully teamed with their own seven children and young people from the USA, UK, and Europe to make choice a way of life. Working from their home in Wales over the last 20+ years David and Lesley have welcomed young people from all over the world to help them learn to make the choices that belong to them, choices that enable them to design the personal life and business life they want.

Lesley has always loved pioneering innovative projects in learning. Beginning in start up companies in Silicon Valley as some of the first software for the PC was being designed and developed, Lesley always pushed for space for making smart choices that promoted innovation, interest and integrity. Later, working within a corporate environment at Hewlett Packard, Lesley also successfully pushed for out of the ordinary choices for remarkable results.

Now, having spent several years looking at education and training in traditional school education, in home education, in personal development education and in business, Lesley is creating frameworks for adventures in learning for individuals and teams to enable smart choices at home, at school, and in business.

Today working in business and academia Lesley pioneers success coaching, online business development, and online academic success for students all around the world whilst simultaneously managing her own story-sharing business. If successfully sharing your story happens to be on your bucket list then count yourself in right here: http://countyourselfin.com/craft-your-story/